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3 Refreshing Desserts You Must Try This Summer

S'moresAre you ready to make the most of the long, lazy summer ahead? Try out these three delicious summer dessert recipes from your Lynnwood apartment at Martha Lake:

1. Easy Indoor No-Bake S’mores Bars Recipe

No need for a campfire to make these s’mores!


  • 2 packs graham crackers, crushed
  • 1 tablespoon light brown sugar
  • Dash of salt
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 12 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 8 ounces mini marshmallows
  • Dash of smoked salt (optional)

Combine graham cracker crumbs, water, sugar, melted butter and salt in large bowl until moistened. Press into bottom of 9” x 13” inch baking dish.

Heat chocolate and cream gradually until melted and smooth. Spread over crust, then add marshmallows and smoked salt. Chill for 30 minutes and lightly brown the marshmallows with a chef’s handheld torch. Cut into squares.

2. Summer Strawberry Shortcake

While traditional strawberry shortcake recipes have used biscuits or pound cake, this recipe eliminates the need to use the oven for a summery spin on an old classic.


  • 32 ounces fresh, ripe strawberries, cleaned and coarsely sliced
  • 3 ounces orange juice
  • 3 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 packs (1 box) of graham crackers
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Chill a large metal bowl and your electric mixmaster beaters in the freezer for 15 minutes. Set aside 7 or 8 of the cleaned strawberries for use in slicing on top of the dessert at the very end.

Add the rest of the strawberries plus orange juice to your food processor. Pulse 10 to 15 times until berries are in small chunks.

Whip the cream, sugar, and vanilla extract in chilled mixer until soft peaks form. Line a 3-quart rectangular baking pan with graham crackers. Cover with half the strawberry chunks and one-third cream mixture; repeat, with the top layer of graham crackers covered by whipped cream. Chill overnight. Just before serving, slice the strawberries you set aside and layer them over the top. Cut square servings and enjoy!

3. No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie

This decadent dessert is super-easy to whip up. Simply whip 8 oz. of peanut butter with 8 oz. of light whipped cream and a half cup of light sour cream until fully blended. Pour into pre-made Oreo pie crust. Chill for one hour. Serve and enjoy!

Our Lynnwood apartments offer easy access to all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Our apartment homes are also the perfect place to whip up these refreshing, delicious summer dessert recipes. Contact us today to learn more about our available floor plans!

Park With Trail

How to Enjoy the Outdoors This Summer

Park With TrailThere’s nothing better than spending time outdoors. Not only is nature good for you – as various studies indicate – but it is also good for improving your overall quality of life. Yet, for many people rushing to and from work and other obligations, having time to really enjoy the summer months isn’t always easy. That’s why we have some suggestions for you. If you live in our Lynnwood apartments at Martha Lake, there are several easy ways for you to get outside to enjoy the summer months a bit more fully.

Here’s the Good News

The Lynnwood area is home to 230 acres of parks and 20 acres of undeveloped land. There are 14 miles of trails throughout the area and more than 100 acres of natural, open space. You can enjoy it all. Here are our recommendations on how to do so.

Visit Heritage Park

This local favorite has plenty to offer. It’s also a great place to find a bit of history about the area. There are exhibits throughout the park that offer a look at the history of the area. Public art, picnic areas, and interpretive exhibits are available here.

Find a Spray Park or Two

Check out one of the spray parks in the area. On 44th Avenue you’ll find North Lynnwood Park and on 64th Avenue you’ll find Daleway Park. Bring along a towel and let the kids have fun splashing in the park.

Trails You Need to Explore

With all of the natural beauty in the area, hiking on one of the main trails just makes sense. Some of the best include the Mesika Trail, Interurban Trail, and the Scriber Creek Trail. Each one offers a different experience and all are worth spending the day exploring.

Fun Parks Perfect for a Family Day

Other Lynnwood parks worth exploring include Wilcox Park, Lynndale Park Picnic Shelter, Meadowdale Playfields (with softball fields and a basketball court) and Scriber Lake Park. Bring along your fishing rod at Scriber Lake Park, too.

Make Martha Lake Your New Home to Love It All

At Martha Lake, residents enjoy close proximity to it all. If you are looking for apartments in Lynnwood that offer the best access to the area’s parks, visit us for a tour.

Hotel Hallway

Take Advantage of Discounted Rates at Waterton Hotels

Hotel HallwayWith summer just on the horizon, it is time to start making plans for your upcoming vacation. This year while planning your summer getaway, don’t forget to take advantage of discounted rates at Waterton managed hotels that are available to residents of our Lynnwood apartments.

Save Money and Book a Room at Waterton Managed Hotels

When you become a resident of our Lynnwood, Washington apartment community this summer, you instantly have access to amazing amenities that include everything from a fitness center and swimming pool to bike trails and a clubhouse. One of the other amenities you have access to is discounted rates at Waterton managed hotels.

Residents are able to book rooms at various Waterton managed hotels all across the country at discounted rates. The discounts vary depending on the hotel. To receive the discounted rate, book your hotel reservation by phone. When booking your reservation, mention that you would like the Waterton corporate rate. That will give you access to the discounted rates.

Remember that when booking a room at a Waterton managed hotel, the discounted rates are subject to availability. It is a good idea to book as early as possible so you can take advantage of these amazing summer hotel deals. For your reference, our hotels and rates are listed below. Keep in mind that these rates are only valid now until August 31, 2017.

Starting from $49.00: Comfort Inn Piqua in Ohio

Starting from $89.00: Aloft Beachwood in Ohio and DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport in Pennsylvania

Starting from $99.00: Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough in Massachusetts, Sheraton Madison in Wisconsin and DoubleTree Skokie in Illinois

Starting from $139 weekdays and $99 weekends: Courtyard Boston Marlborough in Massachusetts

Starting from $159 weekdays and $99 weekends: Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in California, Sheraton Framingham in Massachusetts, and Westin Columbus in Ohio

20% off best available rate: Hyatt Place San Jose in California

Discounted Rates Aren’t Just for Summer Vacations

The discounted rates available to our residents aren’t just for summer vacations. These rates can be used for anything from visiting friends and family to traveling for business. All you have to do is make sure you stay in a participating Waterton managed hotel and book your room by phone.

Come See Our Martha Lake Apartment Homes

Receiving a discounted rate at Waterton managed hotels is just one of the many perks residents of Martha Lake Apartments get to enjoy. Call us today to schedule a tour of our Lynnwood apartments!

Coffee Cup

5 Top-Rated Lynnwood Coffee Joints

Coffee CupWhile it’s convenient to make coffee in your Martha Lake apartment, it’s always nice to have a nearby coffee joint to frequent. Coffee shops can provide a nice atmosphere and a satisfying beverage. To save you the trouble of having to try every spot near your apartments in Lynnwood, we created a list of five top-rated area cafes.

Five Supreme Cafes in Lynnwood

Coffee Driven

Get your coffee drinks just the way you like them at this coffee shop. It offers plenty of customization, such as making the drinks sugar free, fat free or with almond milk. The baristas are friendly and helpful, and the shop offers reasonable prices.

The Vienna Coffee Company

You get a great experience when you visit this coffee shop. Sit and relax, and the servers bring your beverages to your table on a silver platter. They serve the drinks in pretty mugs with whipped cream and garnishing for a beautiful presentation. Even plain coffee is more exciting here, as they dress it up with spices.

Rila Bakery & Cafe

This charming cafe offers all of the coffee, mocha and other coffee beverages you could want. Plus, you can order meals, snacks and fancy desserts, such as chiffon cakes and almond croissants. The food and drinks are presented beautifully in a clean, modern atmosphere. Despite the high-end vibe of this place, the coffee is affordable.

Espresso Buono

This cafe offers exciting twists on the usual coffee drinks, such as floral mochas made with dried plants. Nonetheless, you can order simple coffee, lattes and other standard coffee shop fare. This spot also offers a cozy setting with plants inside and an outdoor area.

Pit Stop Espresso

As the name suggests, this coffee joint offers a quick drive up experience so you can get your coffee and go. The coffee is consistently good. Plus, this stand offers a variety of coffee drinks, such as a white chocolate Americano, lattes and a daily special.

Martha Lake residents are lucky to have many great coffee joints near their apartments. You have plenty of choices, whether you want a quick coffee or a sit-down experience. Contact us to discover which Martha Lake apartments are currently available.

Guy at Picnic

How to Throw a Fourth of July Picnic

Guy at PicnicThinking about hosting a gathering for the upcoming Fourth of July? If so, then a picnic can be a great option! If you decide to go this route, we’ve got some excellent tips and tricks for throwing an incredible Fourth of July picnic while maintaining your sanity.

Decide on a Simple Menu

Picnics are all about simple yet delicious foods, so plan your menu ahead of time and keep it simple to reduce your planning stress. A simple menu of picnic favorites such as sandwiches, potato salad, fresh fruit, and meat/cheese platters is enough to keep even picky eaters happy. You might also consider hosting a pot-luck style picnic, where each guest brings a dish of his or her own to really reduce your workload!

Keep it Festive

The Fourth of July is all about patriotism, so keep your decorations festive with fun pops of red, white, and blue to ensure that it stands out from your “typical” picnic. Consider adding holiday-themed decor, such as streamers, table runners, and perhaps even some American flags. If you’ll be playing music at your picnic, put together a playlist that includes a mix of standard party songs and some patriotic numbers.

Don’t Forget the Games

While good food, music, and company are really all you need to make your picnic a success, you may want to consider having some fun outdoor games set up as well—especially if there will be small children in attendance. Games like corn hole will provide your guests with hours of entertainment for all ages. If you don’t own any yard games, ask a guest to bring theirs or look into renting some from a local party store. And if the weather is going to be warm on the day of your picnic, you may even want to set up a water balloon fight (with red, white, and blue balloons, of course) to keep guests cool and make things fun!

At Martha Lake Apartments in Lynnwood, our clubhouse makes for a great location to host your next get-together and provide guests with an indoor break from the heat. Find out more about our community and floor plans by contacting us today.

Garden Party

Six Sizzling Summer Party Themes

Garden PartyThinking of hosting a summer shindig but can’t come up with a good theme for your party? Following are just six of the many summer themes that residents of apartments in Lynnwood, WA, can use to entertain family, friends, and neighbors this summer.

Midsummer Night’s Dream

This beautifully romantic theme is ideal for evening parties featuring dancing under the stars. The party should start just before dark — Washington’s long, lingering sunsets add an extra accent of romance to this option. Ask guests to dress up as their favorite characters from this classic Shakespeare play, and serve summer punch from a bowl that looks like a witch’s cauldron.

Tropical Vacation

Bring an island ambiance to your party by serving tropical cocktails complete with colorful umbrellas and decorating with faux palm trees. Serve Hawaiian cuisine, create a centerpiece made from tropical fruits, and light up the night with tiki torches.

Fourth of July

Classic Fourth of July parties is probably the most popular summer party theme. Simply decorate in red, white, and blue and serve classic dishes and beverages. Use balloons, streamers, and disposable tableware in patriotic themes, and, if you want to go all-out, make it so that everyone comes dressed in their favorite red, white and blue attire!

Elegant Garden Party

Afternoon garden parties were once considered the height of elegance. Recreate this old-school glamour by hosting an outdoor tea party on your patio or balcony complete with watercress sandwiches and beverages such as lavender lemonade. If the occasion calls for adult beverages, simply slip a shot of berry-flavored vodka into the lemonade and enjoy. Ask guests to dress in an elegant fashion fitting for afternoon soirees to help create the proper mood.

Beach Bonfire

While you won’t be able to have an actual bonfire in your apartment, you can have a fun, beach-themed party. Ask guests to dress in beach clothing, create a beach party musical soundtrack, boil some crabs, and season some shrimp.

Pool Party

Since your apartment community has a pool and a clubhouse, why not have an old-fashioned pool party? Pack your favorite snacks, pool games and plenty of sunscreen for a fun day out in the sun.

Please contact us to learn more about our available apartment homes in Lynnwood.

Tasty Sandwich

Where to Find Seattle’s Best Sandwiches

Tasty SandwichAlthough the majority of restaurants serve sandwiches, not all restaurants qualify as top drawer sandwich spots. Residents of apartments in Lynnwood are only a short drive away from these Seattle eateries! Grab a friend and take a trip to try the city’s best sandwiches at the following locations.

Mean Sandwich

You can take this restaurant’s name at its word — they make a mean sandwich. You’ll find an array of sandwiches available here, from classic corned beef and cabbage between rye to vegetarian fare crafted with hummus, mashed eggplant, and farm fresh vegetables from surrounding agricultural areas.

The Cheese Wizards

Meat and cheese are quintessential mainstays of many sandwiches, and you’ll find these ingredients heavily represented on the menu at The Cheese Wizards. If you love dairy-heavy and traditional sandwiches made with a gourmet twist, try out The Cheese Wizards the next time you’re exploring Seattle for a new lunch spot — it’s another Seattle eatery that lives up to its name.


The prevailing wisdom of some in the restaurant industry is that an establishment serves its best interests by learning how to do just a few things extremely well, avoiding spreading its menu too thin. Delicatus defies this by offering an extensive sandwich menu where every item is worthy of being designated the star of the show. You’ll also find an abundance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients at Delicatus.

The Swinery

Pork enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a visit to The Swinery. This eatery serves sandwiches made from the best available bacon, succulent smoked ham, pulled pork, and burgers made from ground pork. You’ll find lamb, beef, and poultry here as well. The Swinery also serves as a full-service butcher shop, so if supermarket meats leave you less than thrilled, pick up some choice cuts here to take home to cook for dinner.

Honey Hole

Locally sourced food prepared in creatively delicious ways combine with a quintessentially Pacific Northwest quirky ambiance to make this a favorite haunt of sandwich-loving Seattleites. Sandwiches are made with locally baked bread, and you’ll find plenty of good deals on drink specials to help wash them down.

Please feel free to call us or stop by our office for more information about our community and available floor plans in Lynnwood.

Breakfast Table

Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Breakfast TableYour mom was your first and most loyal supporter. No matter what crazy mistake you made, she was there with words of encouragement, a bandage or just a hug. This Mother’s Day, show your mom how much she means to you by spending a fun-filled day with her in Lynnwood, WA.

Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day With Your Mom

Make her a homemade breakfast. Did you ever try to make breakfast for your mom when you were a kid? Make up for all of those underdone pancakes and burnt slices of toast with a real breakfast this Mother’s Day. Visit a local farmers market, such as the Everett Farmers Market or the Mukilteo Farmers Market, for fresh produce and fruit. Prepare your mother’s favorite breakfast food and impress her with your grown-up culinary skills.

Pamper her at a spa. You know your mother will always be the most beautiful woman in your life, but make her feel great by treating her to a day at the spa. Whether you choose to take her out for a new haircut style, or a rejuvenating massage, just relaxing together will make the day special.

Take her out for dinner. Reserve a table at one of the finest restaurants in Washington for a family dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal while reconnecting with your loved ones. A dinner with fine food and family is the perfect way to cap off Mother’s Day. Local restaurants in Lynnwood offer a wide variety of dining options! Book your reservations soon before they fill up!

Lynnwood, Washington is a wonderful place to live. Apartments in Lynnwood provide the convenience of endless entertainment and dining options. Community members at Martha Lake Apartments have access to resort-like amenities including a hot tub, swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, and bike trails. Our community is located close to the area’s major shopping retailers and businesses. Residents can choose from a variety of 1-, 2- or 3-bedroom apartment homes. All apartments include fully-equipped kitchens and washer and dryers. Select floor plans have fireplaces and vaulted ceilings. Call 866-545-7074 to see which apartments are now available and to schedule a tour.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easy On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes

Hard-Boiled EggsYou know the feeling—you open your eyes while you’re still cozy and comfy in your Lynnwood apartment bed, willing yourself to get up and head to work. It’s hard to get motivated while you’re wrapped up in your favorite blanket, but a great breakfast might just be the boost you need to crawl out from under the covers. No energy? No problem. These recipes are super easy to whip up.

Easy Early Morning Breakfast Ideas

  • Powdered vitamin-packed drink mixes like Carnation Instant Breakfast make a surprisingly easy base for smoothies. Add the milk drink mix of your choice, milk, a chilled banana, and a handful of frozen berries and blend for a refreshing and hearty “drinkable” breakfast option.
  • Protein is the best way to ward off that midday hunger slump. Thankfully, there are a variety of great protein-rich breakfast options that don’t require a ton of work. Reach for peanut butter to add some staying power to your favorite toast, or grab a handful of raw almonds to snack on during your commute. Hard-boiled eggs are another fantastic—and portable—option for on-the-go nutrition.
  • “Overnight Oats” are the latest breakfast trend and they take only a few minutes to prepare. Get a mason jar and add equal parts of either your favorite yogurt or milk and raw, rolled oats. Mix well and leave in the fridge overnight: you’ll be greeted by a thick, delicious breakfast treat that’s worth leaving bed for.
  • Omelets aren’t just for fancy brunch buffets! Pour some eggs in a pan and add salt, pepper and the inclusions of your choice between before folding it over and sliding onto a plate. The key is to ensure your add-ins are all uniform in size and that you remove the omelet from direct heat when it still looks a tiny bit underdone.

It’s completely understandable if you need a tasty bribe to venture out of an apartment as comfortable as ours! If you’d like to know more about our Lynnwood apartment community and available floor plans, we invite you to take a look and give us a call today.

Small Puppy Sitting

Dog-Friendly Restaurants to Please Your Pooch in Lynnwood

Small Puppy SittingMore dog owners than ever are on the go with man’s best friend. And that includes apartment residents in Lynnwood. Dog-friendly restaurants help dog lovers keep their furry family members close while enjoying the best in outdoor dining. It’s important to remember good doggie-dining etiquette whenever Fido comes along for dinner. These tips will help keep your dog welcome at local eating establishments with designated doggie areas:

  • Make sure your dog is well-controlled around people, and especially children before taking them to a doggie dining area.
  • Leash your pet and do not allow socializing with other customers or waitstaff unless invited.
  • Keep your dog close to you at all times and well out of the way of the waiter’s path. Your dog should enjoy resting quietly at your feet or under the table.
  • Bring your own doggie bowl for your pet’s drink of water or ask for a disposable bowl from the waitstaff.
  • Do not tie your dog to your table. Tie your dog to your chair instead to avoid a mishap.

Proper etiquette keeps dogs welcome at local eateries. The following Lynnwood restaurants are just a few of the local eateries that offer outside accommodations for people with pets:

The Duchess Tavern

The Duchess Tavern is located on NE 55th Street in Seattle. They offer traditional pub fare, and tap and bottled beer. Outdoor tables are designated “dog-friendly,” except during peak hours or on game day.

Summit Public House

The Summit Public House is located on Summit Ave. in downtown Seattle. Dogs are welcome on their outdoor patio.

Portage Bay Café

Dogs are welcome at the Portage Bay Café patio, weather permitting. Located on Roosevelt Way, NE in downtown Seattle, the Portage Bay Café features fresh, local fare from sustainable farms. The café opens daily at 7:30 a.m.

Jolly Roger Taproom

The Jolly Roger Taproom on Ballard Way in Seattle is a dog-friendly pub with a patio where pets are welcome.

Apartment Living in Lynnwood

Apartments in Lynnwood feature one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. Martha Lake Apartments offer unbeatable amenities like a fitness center, pool and hot tub, biking trails and a clubhouse. For more information about our Lynnwood apartments, call us now.

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